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DILETTA provides passport readers and scanners for border control, passport issuance, airports, banks, and many other applications. With over 40 years of experience in the field of machine-readable passports and optical character recognition we can offer highly specialised and customised solutions.

DILETTA TDR900 Passport Scanner

Full page electronic passport scanner with UV-colour feature

ID Verification

World-class scanners and software for automated reading and authentication of IDs. Support both 1st and 2nd line ID management applications.

ID & Passport Scanner

Forgery Detection

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The WG ID & Passport Scanner is an extremely compact, fast and fully automated ID and passport scanner designed for data entry applications. Its accuracy and efficiency combined with ease of use ensures peace of mind for any business where scanning and authentication of IDs or passport are required, Hotel check-in, casinos, car rental or retail locations and liquor stores are just a few of the possibilities for utilisation.

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