Welcome to Kauthar Al-Khaleej

  Kauthar Al-Khaleej is the Middle East’s fastest growing Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Training Provider. Founded in May 2005, the Academy was established to meet the growing demand for high quality, standardized health and safety training. Forging ahead to consistently exceed the needs and expectations of our clients, Enertech delivers flexible safety training solutions that equip your workforce to deal with real life risks and circumstances in all related fields. Enertech is setting International benchmarks in safety standards everyday. Our World Headquarter is based at the heart of ME, where we understand the demanding and challenging working environments of Qatar and beyond.

  Kauthar Al-Khaleej aims to help protect people who are the most valuable asset of any organization, increase business profitability and mitigate risk through investment in training of employees, workers and even private individuals. Our in-depth expertise and uncapped professional capabilities generate confidence which produces a winning formula of productivity and efficiency. Enertech has become the most-sought-after training provider due to its emphasis in providing only the highest quality standards in training. Enertech is proud of its state-of-the-art training facility which boasts state of the art training equipment and technology unrivaled in the Region.